Geraldine "Jerrie" Mock, the first woman to fly around the world solo, died earlier today in her Florida home, age 88.

In 1964 the 38-year old mother of three and Newark OH resident took off from Port Columbus in her 11-year old Cessna she had named "Spirit of Columbus", determined to circle the globe. After a very eventful 29 days she returned to the place she took off from, succeeding in her trek.

In April a statue marking the 50th anniversary of her historic flight was placed at Port Columbus.

Not many know of Jerrie Mock these days sadly. In 1964 we were still dealing with the aftermath of JFK's assassination and soon the "Tonkin Gulf Incident" would herald the US's entry into the Vietnam War, so while there was ample coverage of her feat in the papers of the time, it ultimately got swallowed up by other news of the day.

Mock may not get the recognition that people like Amelia Earhart (Mock's hero) gets, but it would be a tragedy if nothing was mentioned about this great aviator.


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